Hello ^^ this is leo from egghouse in gapyeong.

I will show you a shuttle bus for gapyeong tourist.

Most famous places in gapyeong are three.

The first is name island,


The second is Petite france,


Third is morning calm arboretum.

아침고요 수목원.jpg


So Gapyeong operates a shuttle bus.

The shuttle bus looks like this


You can take the bus depending on timetable.


When you take the bus, you pay  5,000krw for bus drivers.(Fee raised up 6,000krw since Apr.2015)

And then Drivers give you tickets like this.


This is oneday ticket for free.

The first station is a gapyeong bus terminal and last station is morning calm arboretum .

The reverse route is from morning calm arboretum to terminal.


Thank you bye bye^^



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