Welcome to our Egg house gapyeong near nami island.

2015.01.01 19:28

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This story is about new egg house nearby nami island(opened December 22) and open event!!

We stared remodeling the building since October 20

(1st busan, 2nd sokcho, 3rd seoul, 4th gapyeong near nami island)


Finally complete the 4th egg house on December 22

The biggest advantage is location that close to the gapyeong terminal.(very close to entrance of nami island)

egg house is comfortable place for tourists who wants to move other spots in the morning by bus.

(ex. Nami island, Morning calm arboretum, Petite France..)


We have events that you can get as much as 20% off discount on Egg house gapyeong(only weekdays)

Don't miss this chance !

Egg house has a cute little place and facilities.(wash machine, hair dryer, powder room)

Plus~! We provides free breakfast.(coffee, milk, toast, strawberry jam, fried egg)

Egg house gapyeong opens now!!

Now you can make a reservation for Egg house gapyeong(near nami island) !


Egg House nearby nami island

If you have any question, add Mr.Egg (, we'll answer you asap=) NAVER BLOG 네이버블로그

  Egg House Namisum 55-9 Gahwa-ro, Gapyeong-eup, GyeongGi-do TEL. 070-8156-2296 (AM:10~PM:09)  
  [본사] 미스터에그하우스,
서울 송파 석촌 54-38 502호, [부산1호점] 부산 해운대 우동 634-7, [부산2호점] 부산 해운대 우동 601-15 3F

  [속초점] 강원도 속초 동명동 559-1