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2014.12.29 13:13

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Egg House, sending to you :)

This is what we have cherished at Egg House Namisum, Gapyeong Guest House/ Hotel

Egg House's Guest books


The guest book that you can leave yours such as messages or pictures or whatever is only found at Guest house.

What I mean by that is, if you stay at fancy hotel or motel in Korea, you canno find this kind of fun thing!

Therefore, it must be so special for us and you guys :)



So many travelers from such veriety of contries visit our hostel :)

Whenever we look through the guest book, we get funny from it

They drew busan and egg characters on the book  as  you can see !


Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese and so on..!

We make new frinends with travelers around Busan!



Even though we can't clearly understand any languages of yours, we can have fun all together !

Let's make unforgetable memories at Busan, Korea :P

Let's enjoy Haeundae, full of foods, fashion and romance 

Egg House Namisum, Gapyeong, Korea

If you have any question, add Mr.Egg (, we'll answer you asap=) NAVER BLOG 네이버블로그

  Egg House Namisum 55-9 Gahwa-ro, Gapyeong-eup, GyeongGi-do TEL. 070-8156-2296 (AM:10~PM:09)  
  [본사] 미스터에그하우스,
서울 송파 석촌 54-38 502호, [부산1호점] 부산 해운대 우동 634-7, [부산2호점] 부산 해운대 우동 601-15 3F

  [속초점] 강원도 속초 동명동 559-1