Sony memory stick formatting software (memory stick formatting program), Sony memory stick first bought after the best format, but Sony requires special formatting procedures!

The Memory Stick formatter is an application designed for \u0026quot;Memory Stick\u0026quot; formatting. When you want to delete the entire contents of \u0026quot;Memory Stick\u0026quot; and return it to its original state, use the Memory Stick formatter. When your computer does not recognize \u0026quot;Memory Stick\u0026quot;, use the Memory Stick formatter to reformat \u0026quot;Memory Stick\u0026quot; so that the computer can recognize it again.

The Memory Stick formatter supports the following types of \u0026quot;Memory Stick\u0026quot;:

\u0026quot;Memory Stick\u0026quot;, \u0026quot;MagicGate Memory Stick\u0026quot;, \u0026quot;Memory Stick Duo\u0026quot; \u0026 \u0026quot;Memory Stick\u0026quot; with memory selection function;

Sony branded \u0026quot;\u0026Memory Stick PRO\u0026quot; and \u0026quot;Memory Stick PRO Duo\u0026quot;

* In order to format \u0026quot;Memory Stick PRO\u0026quot;, the \u0026quot;Memory Stick\u0026quot; adapter you use must also be compatible with \u0026quot;Memory Stick PRO\u0026quot;.

(In this help file, 'Memory Stick', 'MagicGate Memory Stick', 'Memory Stick Duo', 'Memory Stick', 'Memory Stick PRO' and 'Memory Stick PRO') Duo\u0026quot; are both called \u0026quot;Memory Stick\u0026quot; Should you liked this information along with you would like to obtain more details regarding automatic usb backup generously stop by the website. .

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