In accordance with the lunar calendar, this year is the Year of the sheep 

Lunar New Year's Day(Seol-nal) is one of the biggest holidays of the year in Korea.
The official holiday is a three-day period from February 18 to 20, 2015.
It is our unique festive day Lunar New Year's Day.
Do and so on playing folk game of Korea yuchnoli
neolttwigi (
seesaw), Jegichagi (A kicking shuttlecock game)
in Lunar New Year's Day. 
And eat rice-cake soup, and hold ancestor-memorial services.





neolttwigi (
The seesaw middle-school folk game of Korea is one. 
The seesaw the rice straw stack will be same in the healthy board board middle lower part 
and it will hang and it puts.
And two name women ascend to board board both sides end and one person runs first and 
when it descends and also the opposition side person runs by the recoil and and. 
to initially it is not easy when it does it sees but and little by little comes to be a fun. 
to old days the seesaw with the young girl the young secondary cause wild bay did. 
must be a force the old people when it did not do.
the entrance and exit of the women it cannot be free being able, 
when flying jump, is a possibility of seeing the wall chapter comfort outside which is big to the leg. 
now hun it does not do, in only the house to the women who are keyn clearly to be brave and,
it is clear to be playing which is active
Jegichagi (A kicking shuttlecock game)


K-POP STAR  Miss A - Suzy 

Wow !!! good job~ :)




If you enjoyed playing the hungry eat rice cake soup :)

and hold ancestor-memorial services.


Perform a New Year's bow, and charge handsel if do New Year's Bow.


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Welcome to Korea :)

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